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Nissan Engine Decoder

Nissan Engine Decoder

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Nissan Engine Decoder
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Example SR16VE
VQ Altima, Maxima, Z
SR Sentra
VG Pathfinder, Frontier
SR-16-VEDisplacement in Liters
16 1.6 Liters
18 1.8 Liters
35 3.5 Liters
37 3.7 Liters
56 5.6 Liters
SR-16-VEValve train
Absent SOHC
V Variable Valve Lift (VVL) plus DOHC
SR-16-VE Fuel Delivery
Absent Carburetor
E Multiport Fuel Injection
I Throttle Body Fuel Injection
D Direct Injection
SR-16-VEAbsentForced Induction
T Single Turbo
+ R Oversize Turbo when used with T or TT prefix
TT Twin Turbo
R Supercharger (i.e; VG33ER)