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Integrated HomeLink Programming

Integrated HomeLink Programming


  • 1
    Test HomeLink transceiver by pressing any button (red indicator light should come on)
  • Nissan Integrated HomeLink Programming
  • 2
    Clear all channels by pressing both outside buttons at the same time on HomeLink and hold until red indicator light blinks rapidly (approximately 20 seconds), then release.
  • Nissan Integrated HomeLink Programming
  • 3
    Program HomeLink with your hand-held transceiver.
  • a
    Press the button you want to program, and activate the hand-held transceiver until "red indicator light" blinks 'slowly' (programming mode, hold buttons down).
  • Nissan Integrated HomeLink Programming
  • 4
    Continue holding down HomeLink and hand-held transceiver buttons until red indicator light blinks 'rapidly' (this may take 1-30 seconds), then release. You can now use HomeLink instead of you hand-held transceiver.
  • Nissan Integrated HomeLink Programming
  • Note
    If more transceiver needs to be program, repeat steps 3 and 4 in a different button on the sunvisor's HomeLink