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Nissan Vehicles Remote Key Fob Reprogramming Procedure

Nissan Vehicles Remote Key Fob Reprogramming Procedure

Project: Reprogram Remote Key Fob
Models: All Nissan Models

Note: The horn chirp can be disable by pressing the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously until the hazard lights flash, and no enable press the lock and unlock until the horn chirp.


  • 1
    Close all doors and lock all doors
  • 2
    From the door switch unlock the trunk.
  • 3
    Insert and remove the key from the ignition key cylinder more than six times within 10 seconds.
  • NOTE:
    Key should be withdrawn from ignition key cylinder completely each time.
  • NOTE:
    Do not rush the insertion/removal key cycling process. The side marker/tail/license lamps and interior illumination will flash twice when this step is accurately completed.
  • NOTE:
    At this time, the new ID code is entered and original (previous) ID codes are erase.
  • 4
    Manually unlock and lock the driver side door
  • 5
    Push any button on the new remote controller once.
  • NOTE:
    If there is only one remote controller skip step 6.
  • 6
    Additional ID code entry Repeat step 4 and 5
  • 7
  • NOTE:
    If you need to activate more than two additional new remote controllers, repeat the procedure on step 6 "Additional ID code entry" for each new remote controller.
  • NOTE:
    Entry of maximum four ID codes is allowed and any attempt to enter more will be ignore.