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Love This Car!!
schnzer02 from Des Moines, Iowa
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 07/23/09

- Enough head room for me even with the sunroof (I'm 6'1").
- Comfortable Seats (especially in the winter... heated seats! :))
- Performance! It gets up and goes when I want it to. I have to be careful not to spin the tires and engage the traction control.
- Passing people is easy at highway speeds. You get up to a passing speed very easily.
- Handling is a very good as well. The ride is a little stiff sometimes, but it corners well.
- The stereo and Bose speakers sound great! It has a good amount of bass (not too much and not too little) and great mid and high range as well.


- I wish my car had memory seat/mirror positions. I swear whenever I take it to the dealer for service, they adjust my seat position and it takes a while for it to feel just right again.
- Wish I had gotten the technology package with the navigation and backup camera. I have a little bit of trouble seeing behind me when I backup at night. (I added 35% tinted windows, might have something to do with it ;))
- The road noise is a little more than I like. Most road surfaces are fine, but on some highways the road noise is noticeable. However, it is easily drowned out by the stereo.


I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE my Coupe! Just finished waxing it too! :) I like having a different car. I don't see as many coupes, although I am seeing more now. However, most of which are the 2.5L 4-bangers. I have the 3.5L V6.. hehehe

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