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Nice Van
Jersey Titan from New Jersey
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 05/01/08

Tons of room, drives nice, power options for doors and seats make it even better.


Not that great on gas......but what is these days other than those stupid little hybrids you barely fit a breifcase in.


Wife and I just bought an 08 Quest. We had an 04 and it almost ended our love of Nissan vehicles. The 04 had the nice looks, but it had so many other bugs. For example powersliding door problems, seat hinges, dashboard lights, speedometer placement, and the folding back seat headrests were just a few of our gripes with the old model. We did like the room and the styling of it, but it just had too many bugs. We bought a Murano and really enjoyed it for a few years, but now we are expecting our second child so we looked into the van market again. We looked at all the dealers, different makes and models but nothing seemed to apeal to us. The last place we looked before almost giving up was Nissan. We were both surprised how they had knocked all of the problems out. It seemed like our 04 with all of the problems fixed. Love the Quest now.

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