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Average Overall Satisfaction: 2009 Nissan Xterra Rating
econd Xterra
Glen from Carverton, Pennsylvania
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 03/06/09

Nice engine powerfull really comes alive around 4000RPM Lots of "little places" for "stuff"


Needs a little better suspension for off road use ane all around lower gearing, mostley in low range----After all it says "OFF ROAD" on the front door.


The 2010 is a SL and it has good proformance as well as good ride.My wife loves the car.We got everthing we could get on this one.

This is my 2nd Xterra off-road 6speed. The last one was a late 2005. So far the 2009 is just about the same as the 2005. I like the new audio system---the bluetooth is really handy since cell phone ban laws have come by. The roof mounted lights are really BRIGHT--nice to have off road. Still one of the best features about the Xterra 6speed is the POWER. This suv really can get up an go. If Nissan would make the diffrential ratio a little numerically higher along with a 4 to 1 low ratio in the transfer--- look out Rubicon and Hummer---And maybe the V8 ftom the Titan-----I WANT ON NOW!!!!!!!!

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