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Another Great Nissan Product
BigT47 from Clarksville, TN
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 04/19/11

Capable, solid truck. Seriously underrated half ton. Great motor- which has always been my experience with the 3 Nissans I have owned.


Mileage- but I knew what to expect. On the ethanol blend I get 10 mpg in mixed running, whhich is better than EPA estimates.


I purchased my 2010 Titan King Cab 4x4 used- 5400 miles on it- with the SE Package- towing, bedliner and the lower gears. It tows my 26 foot camper like a champ. Plays well in the mud. Runs great on E-85- loves that 105 octane kick when I punch it- not very often as I'm an alleged adult.

If you want a great looking, solid truck, with excellent power and torque when you need it, consider the Titan. Be advised that you need to be willing to "pay as you play" because there is no free lunch. The Titan makes power the old fashioned way- burns a fair amount of fuel.

Another reviewer cites a bad dealership experience as his primary reason for not buying another Nissan. So- try a different dealership. The Nissan dealer 3 miles from my house will not get my business- both my current Nissans are from a dealership a few towns over where I get them serviced also.

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