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So Far, So Good - I love my Titan!
Prestige Worldwide from New Jersey
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 04/17/11

Great bang for the buck value
Power engine
Silky smooth tranny
Front and rear comfort
Rockford Fosgate sound system
Big power rear window


A back-up camera would be useful
The TPMS does not specify which tire is low on air when the alert activates


I purchased my 2011 Titan SL Crew Cab 4X4 in March 2011 as a demo model. On top of the demo model pricing, I qualified for the 0% financing that Nissan sponsored in March, as well as the bonus pricing that comes with purchasing a vehicle on the last day of the month. In short, I got a really good price on the truck.

The SL I purchased has every option installed, so it is a very nice, well-equipped truck. It rides really nice on the street, but I have not had it off road yet. The Rockford Fosgate stereo is awesome! It sounds very, very good and even better than the Bose system in other Nissan vehicles. The tranny is silky smooth and the engine has plenty of power.

A lot of critics are down on the Titan because it has not had a major facelift since its 2004 launch. Critics also claim that the other truck manufacturers are installing more amenities in their trucks than Nissan does. This may or may not be true, however, the Nissan Titan is a very good value for the price you pay. Nissan always seems to b offering cash back or low finance rates on the Titan which really helps. Nissan has since addressed the brake and rear axle problems of the 2004-06 model years. And anyone that complains about the mileage shouldn't get a pickup truck. They are big, heavy, and geared for towing so mileage is inherently going to suffer. If you want better gas mileage buy a Prius or a Civic.

All-in-all this is a very powerful and comfortable truck that I purchased for a more than fair price. If I run into any major problems with it I will be sure to post another review noting them. But so far, so good. I am really happy with the truck.

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