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Shut passengers door and it hasn't opened since!
LARRY BROWN from St.Charles,Missouri
Overall Satisfaction:
Date: 07/18/13

Fast, roomy and drives like a car!


Guzzles Gas like a 400lb Drunk Guzzles Beer! 11mpg combined 14.9hwy at 55 with Cruise control set! If it came from China with all of this cheap plastic it wouldn't cost 1/3 as much!


This really scares me I bought this truck so I could travel with my grand kids but now I'm afraid to have them in the back seat! neither passenger door will open from inside or outside and the Dealers I talk to have No idea except that it must be something I've done by gently closing the doors after they were open for about four hours! What if someone hits my side and it burst into flames How do we get out? Someone somewhere knows the answer why is all of the hidden important parts made out of plastic? Even the outside door handle is cheap plastic I pulled on it thinking the door was just jammed and it popped off in my hand! Is there a full service dealer out there or are they all just oil change stations with big showrooms and fast talking Salesmen? I Need Answers I'm 60 this is my 1st New car that Have ever owned and probably my last!

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