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Nissan to Present Eight Vehicles at Tokyo Motor Show [Oct. 7, 05]

Displays include GT-R PROTO and Pivo electric car concept

TOKYO (Oct. 7, 2005)--Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will present a total of eight show vehicles at the upcoming 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, including five concept cars, that incorporate new and exciting ideas for models to come. The five concept cars include the "GT-R PROTO," which gives clear design direction for the next-generation GT-R, 'Pivo,' an imaginative, compact electric car, and "Foria," a compact coupe that combines powerful styling with elegance.

Nissan's exhibit is built around three themes - "Driving Pleasure," "Modern Living," and "Innovative Technology.' 'Driving Pleasure' refers to Nissan's philosophy that all vehicles should be enjoyable to drive no matter what size or shape. 'Modern Living,' is a new Nissan concept that stresses advanced design value in cabins, while 'Innovative Technology' refers to Nissan's emphasis on technologies that meet the needs of customers, while reducing the burden on the environment.

-A multi-people carrier with all-round versatility
-One step further for Nissan's "Modern Living" concept
-Contrast of relaxing living-room-like interior and functionally designed cockpit for driving experience
-Advanced telematics, including "Earth-browsing" and "Space-browsing" capabilities

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